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About Shift Chiropractic

Dr. Marco is a kind, passionate, and purposeful life enthusiast. He demonstrates a presence and leadership around him that naturally lifts people. Marco has realized from an early age that life, relationships, and health always have the opportunity to get better. As such, he commits himself to serving this idea to practice members, friends and family alike. Dr. Vespa enjoys the gift of watching people make tiny SHIFTs in their lives that lead to profound change. To Marco, serving Zone Healing Care means dismantling any negative blocks in a person’s health potential through love, patience, the chiropractic adjustment, and the application of universal law.

Dr. Vespa is nationally recognized as an energetic and dynamic speaker on Concept Therapy. He has taught with some of the professions’ finest. He is one of only 30 in the United States certified to deliver Zone Healing care. Dr. Vespa also focuses on Moms-to-be and their “little ones”.


Dr. Marco Vespa

Dr. Marco Vespa graduated with honors from Springfield College, where he was a four year varsity lacrosse player, and he went on to graduate suma cum laude from Sherman College of Chiropractic in 2004. Marco diligently trained and refined his skills with guidance from Bill McKeown, Bart Precourt D.C. and Arno Burnier D.C. He has served at MLS adjusting seminars, ACE Adjusting and AdJustWorld mission trips.