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Step One:

I would be honored to have you and someone (or even more than one person) you care about join me for some REALLY good food! This dinner seminar will take place at Vita Restaurant, and I know it will be a wonderful experience for everyone. This restaurant is the perfect setting for an intimate conversation about health, wellness, and possibility.

Step Two:

I am extremely passionate about education, because I firmly believe that the main reason people make poor health choices is that they simply don’t know any better. Therefore, my goal during this program is to leave you with specific steps to follow so that you feel EDCUATED and ready to improve for your life.

Step Three:

Okay, I know that EDUCATION is really important, but what DRIVES action? The answer is INSPIRATION, and this is what I intend on delivering during the program. I want you to walk away from this dinner with a plan and the overwhelming desire to make a massive difference in your life and the lives of your family. Can you imagine one dinner changing your life? Get Ready!


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